Best Heartworm Medicine For Dogs | All You Need To Know

Everyone is talking about what is the best heartworm medicine for dogs. You are obviously intelligent enough to know that heartworms can be fatal to your dog and that vet bills are very expensive these days. Imagine what it would feel like if you could prevent this problem for your dog in the first place.
You can’t afford to be misinformed on the issue of heartworms so we are going to discuss some things you need to know and the best heartworm medicine for dogs.
Heartworms are one of the most common causes of respiratory problem in pets. When left untreated they can cause death. Heartworms are more prevalent in the southeastern part of the United States and during the mosquito season.
This is because heartworms develop when a mosquito bites an animal that is infected with heartworms and then bites your dog. This bite has transmitted the heartworm larvae to your dog. The larvae penetrate through your dog’s skin and then eventually make it to your dog’s heart. The worms can reach up to 14 inches in length and can cause severe damage to your dog’s heart.
Preventing heartworms is relatively easy as there are a number of products available that will prevent this condition. The products include chewable tables, pills and injections. These products should be given starting a month before mosquito season and be continued for a full month following the mosquito season.
The most common products on the market today for heartworm prevention are:
Revolution – This is a broad spectrum medication that has been reported to be the top of the list for dogs. This medication also protects your dog from flea infestations. Interceptor – This medication is reported to prevent heartworms, hookworms, whipworm, and roundworms. Heartgard – This medication is widely available that prevents heartworms, hookworms and roundworms. Very few side effects have been reported with this medication. Iverhart Max
This medication is used for heartworms and tapeworms. There do not seem to be many reported side effects with this medication.
Prevention is the best option for your dog so consider using these medications to prevent heartworms in your dog. I know how you will feel if your dog gets heartworms because you did not get the best heartworm medicine for dogs and prevent this condition.
For more information on this condition and other treatment options and home remedies for your pets continue reading through the last paragraph.
Are you making any of the classic pet treatment mistakes which will cause you to improperly treat heartworms in your dog and keep you from finding the best heartworm medicine for dogs.