Citrus Variegated Eureka Lemon And Taxodium ‘Cascade Falls’

There has never been a Lemon like Variegated Eureka. In spring, the leaves emerge with pink tints among the green. This quickly changes to rich cream, and these tints remain on the tree all season. In late spring, masses of fragrant 7-inch white flowers cover the tree. These are followed by baseball-sized fruit — but instead of being plain yellow, they are striped with green.
Eureka Lemons are found in supermarkets across the country, but this variegated type is very uncommon. It has been grafted onto grapefruit stock, creating the larger fruit which arises in clusters of 8 or 9. If you want larger lemons, thin each cluster to 2 or 3. Variegated Eureka is hardy only in zones 9-10, but when planted in a container and brought indoors to a sunny window before first frost, you can enjoy its beauty and fragrance all winter. As you might expect from a tropical tree, Variegated Eureka is exceedingly tolerant of heat and humidity. It needs no special soil to grow — just give it a well-drained container with premium potting mix. Feed it throughout the growth season with a gentle fertilizer, and if the leaves turn yellow at any point, apply Chelated Iron to the soil once in springtime.
We ship 2-year-old trees in one-gallon containers. They will bloom and set fruit the first year. Lemons take a long time to mature 9 months is typical, but they will often flower again while the first crop is maturing, during late winter in a sunny room. Expect the tree to reach 8 feet tall after 5 years, with a mounding, upright habit.

The First-Ever Weeping Baldcypress!

An exciting new look for a beloved native conifer! Cascade Falls is the first weeping Baldcypress, combining the soft foliage, gorgeous fall color, and great adaptability of the standard 70-foot tree with a small, elegant, weeping habit! Just 10 to 15 feet tall and a bit wider, this is the specimen you want for that place of honor in the front yard, patio, or special garden nook!
Cascade Falls is a delight in every season. In spring, the new needles arise a soft, rich green, gradually deepening as the weather warms up. In fall, they burnish into all tones of yellow and gold. And the winter silhouette is breathtaking, with masses of weeping stems!
It’s easy to grow this magnificent little tree. Just train it up a stake to any height you desire (8 to 15 feet would be ideal) and then let it arch over and down. Its branches will eventually brush the ground beneath them, creating a lovely effect. Try a pair of Cascade Falls on either side of the garden entry, flanking the front door, or dazzling the foundation planting. A solitary specimen is truly awe-inspiring, yet Cascade Falls also works well as the focal point of the border, patio garden, or other design, mixing with perennials and shrubs beautifully.

Baldcypress is a native North American tree, easy to grow but often difficult to find. Hardy all the way through zone 10, it withstands drought, heat, humidity, cold, poor soil — just about anything Nature has to offer! Set in full sun to partial shade, it will grow 10 to 15 feet high and about 15 to 20 feet wide, though you can train and then prune it to the size you desire. A classic for gardens across America! Zones 4-10.