Getting Rid of Rats & Mice Humanely

Today many people believe that animals should not be harmed or killed and so many wonder how should they get rid of rats and mice without killing them. If you have a mice or rat problem you are going to have to deal with it quickly or it may get completely out of control before you know it. If you are serious about doing it without harming the rodents then let us look at the options you have.

Trapping Is Your Best Option

Obviously if you don’t want to solve your rodent pest problem by killing, then you cannot use poison and therefore trapping is the best choice. Although most traps function to quickly kill the rodent by breaking it’s neck or crushing it’s skull, there are also traps available which will catch them without harming them.
You can buy these on websites like Amazon, online specialty shops and even your local hardware store. If you would like a cheap alternative then you can build your own simple device using a bucket, or container propped up by a small twig which falls when the mouse enters. If you do make something like that, remember to put it under cardboard or wood, so that when you lift it up, the mouse won’t escape.

Once Catch A Mouse You Must Move Fast

If you are really concerned about the well-being of the rodent you have caught then you must move fast to release it. Mice can die quickly from the anxiety of being caught. You must also remember to release them far away from wear you live because they can easily find their way home. Don’t think you are doing the mice a favor by releasing them into a wood or field either. These places are unsuitable for house mice and will almost certainly spell their death. The place place you can leave them is near other houses which means you are giving the mouse to someone else as a problem.

The Best Thing You Can Possibly Do Is Rodent Proof Your House

By rodent proofing your house you will guard yourself against ever having a real rodent problem and thus you won’t have to make any decisions about getting rid of them that you won’t like.