Hemerocallis ‘Jungle Beauty’ And Rosa Knock Out

A whole new color from master Daylily breeder Dr. Darrel Apps!

Break the monotony of yellow and pink Daylilies with a few of these electrifying violet-black giants!
A full 6 inches across and suffused with smoky-dark color that is the nearest thing yet to a true black in Daylilies, ‘Jungle Beauty’ is a color breakthrough extraordinaire!Arising in early summer on 30-inch plants, these huge blooms are intensified by their vivid chartreuse throat, which only serves to heighten the black tones of the thick, waxy petals. A magnificent sight in the sunny garden, containers, along the walkway, or anywhere else you need a little dramatic color. (Or make that a LOT of dramatic color — ‘Jungle Beauty’ keeps flowering for weeks!)
Jungle Beauty was bred by Dr. Darrel Apps, one of America’s premier Daylily hybridizers. Like all of Dr. Apps’s creations, it is eminently gardenworthy, a diploid that goes totally dormant in winter, so that it can withstand the extreme cold of zone 3 without losing a petal next summer! It withstands heat, humidity, and drought as well as cold, and isn’t fussy about garden soil as long as it’s well-drained. This is the perennial to plant along the blazing driveway or in that hard-to-water spot in the backyard! It will flourish!’Jungle Beauty’ combines with just about any other Daylily color, especially pinks and creams. It is also a fine companion to all your early-summer sun-lovers.
Daylilies are also the traditional succession planting to Daffodils, because their strappy, fountain-like foliage helps hide the dying stems of the Daffodils as the season changes. Find a place of honor for this brand-new color today!Space these plants, which reach up to 2 feet wide, about 18 inches apart to give them room to spread, then plan to dig them up and divide them in 3 or 4 years for even more spectacular garden color!

Contender for Greatest Landscape Rose!

Fire-engine red blooms and light Tea Rose fragrance pack a punch in the garden – even in part shade!
Perhaps the best ever landscape Rose for four-season interest, this stunning hybrid is the culmination of breeder William Radler’s lifework. Not only is it the most blackspot-resistant Rose we’ve ever grown, but it also stands up to Japanese beetles and other pests, needs only half a day of sunshine, blooms over an exceptionally long period, and offers foliage and fruit interest as well as lovely blossoms. Exceptionally hardy and disease-resistant, KnockOut is also breathtakingly beautiful, with great clusters of 3 1/2-inch blooms of fire-engine red (or lighter cherry-scarlet in hot climes). These flowers begin early in Rose season and continue for many weeks.
The shrub then rests for a bit, and repeats for the remainder of summer and well into fall. It’s one of the longest bloom cycles in the Rose family, and will fill your garden with bright color and subtle tea scent. And when the blooms finally end, the color continues with burgundy-violet fall foliage and orange-red hips. Crown-hardy to -20F, this 3- by 3-foot shrub sneers at drought, humidity, and pests such as blackspot, Japanese beetles, leafhoppers, and rose midge. It is essentially maintenance-free, although like any new addition to your garden, it appreciates pampering the first season or two.Knock Out was bred from a seedling of R. ‘Carefree Beauty’ x a seedling of R. ‘Razzle Dazzle.’ It has become so immensely popular since its introduction that new Knock Outs are arising each season. We recommend Pink Knock Out and Double Knock Out. Knock Out never needs deadheading, and is one of the very few Roses that earns the title “maintenance-free”.