How to Get Rid of Rats

If you don’t want to have damage, sanitation and health problems then you should be trying to remove rats in your house the minute you notice them.

What Should I Know About Rats?

Rats are an animal which lacks in vision but makes up for with other senses. They have very strong senses of taste, smelling, touching and hearing and if you are going to get rid of them successfully you have to take this into account. They move around mostly at night time, using guard hairs and whiskers to guide them,
Because rats are such cautious feeders, any food used to trap them must be something extra special which is not usually lying around. Else they probably won’t rise to the bait. They also have a great sense of smell, so something extra special might just get their attention. Rats are very cautious and if their food is in an area they think is too exposed they will take it somewhere safe before consuming.
If you want to eradicate rats in your home for good, then a few simple traps probably won’t be enough. Even if these traps do solve your rat problem, then you also have to prevent it from ever happening again. Tactics can include removing food sources, removing water leaks, rat-proofing your house, the use of poison or traps.

Choose Traps Over Poison

If you already have a rat problem then i suggest you choose traps as an eradication method instead of poison. Why? Rats, like mice live by scavenging and therefore they nibble and test their food before getting into it. Rat poison therefore is made to go into effect a little while after the food has been eaten. Therefore if you use rat poison you may find that the rat has nibbled at the food and then gone elsewhere and died. The rat could have gone into some crack in the wall which you can’t get to and you will be left with a terrible stench which you can’t get rid of.