Iris Ensata ‘Azuma Kagami’ And Echinacea ‘Cotton Candy’

Every Bloom an Intricate Master piece Perfect for cutting, and they increase every year on carefree plants. We can imagine no reason NOT to add this sterling Japanese Iris to your garden at once. Boasting the most beautiful play of color ever seen in the family, the blooms are quite large and held out wide, as if to show off their intricate veining and bright yellow and blue center.Superb as cut flowers, these blooms begin in late spring in most climates and continue well into summer.
They reach about 2 feet high on plants 18 to 24 inches wide (and gradually spreading). Spidery lilac veins on pale blue to white petals create a dramatic effect, especially when combined with the bold yellow and dark blue center. Like snowflakes, each bloom is a bit different, and all are lovely!This Iris flourishes in any soil from the ordinarily moist to the wet, and the amount of sun it takes is related to the level of moisture it needs. For instance, if you want it in direct sun, a waterside or very damp soil is best, to be sure it remains constantly hydrated. If it will receive some afternoon shade, ordinary moist garden soil is fine. This makes it very useful in the garden — it is ideal for those troublesome spots that receive varying amounts of sun and shade during the year.
And of course it’s perfect for poorly draining soils where few plants are happy.Hardy from one end of the country to the other, ‘Azuma Kagami’ is a truly adaptable, versatile addition to the low-maintenance garden. Divide it every few years to increase its bloom strength and your own garden’s beauty, and combine it with other Japanese Iris or moisture-loving plants in the border, at the waterside, or in woodland settings. It doesn’t mind heat or humidity. Highly recommended.

The Biggest Double Pompon Yet

Blooms steadily from midsummer through early fall in most climates.
Plant Patent Applied For. Not another new Echinacea — the riches of this genus are just never-ending! And as always, not only is it a new cultivar, but a truly exciting combination of color, form, and gardenworthiness that you will find yourself craving for the sunny border or cutting garden.
‘Cotton Candy’ is a double-flowered, vivid pink Echinacea in the style of ‘Razzmatazz,’ but unlike that old favorite is tremendously improved in size and stamina. Its huge 4-inch blooms (starred with a small green center!) stand up to wind and rain beautifully, refusing to flop or drop their petals when the going gets rough. Borne on very thick, sturdy stems, they are long-lasting no matter what Mother Nature decides to throw their way. Of course, this also makes them even more long-lived in the vase, giving you a few extra days of their fresh beauty.
‘Cotton Candy’ is the product of master Dutch plantsman Arie Blom, so you can be sure the breeding is impeccable. It stands 34 inches high and about 30 to 32 inches wide, very well-branched and heavily budded. And once it begins flowering, it won’t quit for 3 months or more, carrying the sunny garden through the difficult days of late summer and early fall, when many displays are “between times.” And the faster you cut or deadhead the blooms, the faster new buds appear.
Plant ‘Cotton Candy’ among its cousins ‘Coconut Lime’ and Summer Sky™ in the sunny border, or as part of a native American grouping that might include Gaillardia, Coreopsis, and Muhlenbergia. Butterflies and bees adore this plant in summer, and birds feast on its drying cones in autumn. Tolerant of heat, humidity, poor soil, and (once established) drought, it is among the easiest and most dependable perennials to grow. Enjoy!