Mouse Traps

Are mouse traps really that effective for getting rid of mice in the house? Pest control in the home is extremely important, without it your home is venerable to damage and health problems. In this article we will be looking at mouse traps and there effectiveness in rodent control. Maybe you want use no kill rodent traps?

What Is a mousetrap?

A mouse trap is a specialized device used to catch rodents, usually mice or rats. There are various types of moustraps, some are big and some are small, each have their own advantage. Mouse traps are the most effective way to get rid of mice in your house. They are better than poison because poison is not instant and a mouse may up dying somewhere inside your wall leaving a terrible smell.

The traditional trap

The most common type of trap is the spring loaded bar moustrap. The device is very simple but highly effective. It has a heavy spring loaded bar, which when tripped, is released. The force which is is released is very powerful and will generally kill a mouse outright. If you were to release it with your hand it would hurt like hell. To lure the mouse into the trap cheese, chocolate, oats, bread or other food is used. When the mouse goes for the food and touches the trip, it releases killing the mouse by breaking the neck or crushing the skull.

The live trap

Since some people are against the killing of animals there are traps which will catch the mice alive so they can be released into the wild later on. The most simple of these would be a bucket, tin, glass etc. with a piece of food under it and a small twig to keep it suspended until tripped. Remember to release the mouse promptly and at a good distance from where you live, as it could easily find it’s way back. Releasing it into a wood or somewhere wild may seem like a good idea, but in reality you are just prolonging death for a short while as house mice cannot survive away from human settlements.

Other traps

Today there are many traps to choose from including: mouth mouse traps, electric mouse traps, disposable mouse traps, glue traps and more.