Natural Flea Remedies Are A Great Choice For Your Pets

All dog owners realize the importance of choosing the best flea remedies for their four legged companions. The choices for this are many and varied, but the majority of dog owners typically go with the vet recommended products such as Frontline, Advantage, and Revolution. While these are tried and true treatments for the banishment of fleas, they may not be the right products for your dog. As each situation is individual, the flea treatment chosen for YOUR dog should be tailored to meet its needs.
Natural flea remedies are becoming quite popular with many dog owners these days. There are many reasons for this newfound popularity. Safety is possibly the number one reason. Natural flea remedies are much safer for your dog as well as your family. Chemicals that are routinely used in most ordinary flea treatments can often be harmful to your dog without you even realizing it. Natural remedies do not contain these chemicals. Once you decide on the best flea remedy for your dog, you can include other ways to keep your dog’s fleas under control.
When choosing the best natural flea remedy for your dog, visit your local pet shop. These stores will carry all of the best products available to help rid your dog of fleas. It is here that you will find flea remedies that contain ONLY natural ingredients. They are highly effective in ridding your dog of fleas while, at the same time, being completely safe for both your dog and family to be around. Powders, sprays, and shampoos made from all natural ingredients are what you will want to buy as well as a flea brush. Flea collars can also be helpful in driving away the fleas.
Be sure to bathe your dog at least once a week during flea season. Keeping your dog clean and brushing it daily will go a long way in keeping the fleas at bay. It is not only your dog that you need to keep clean. Your house also needs a good cleaning on a regular basis because fleas can, and will, get in. Vacuum the carpet along with washing your dog’s bedding.
Sprinkle powdered borax or powdered diatomaceous earth on the carpet prior to vacuuming. Let it set for a few minutes before you vacuum. Keep away children and dog when you are doing this because these are not products that should be inhaled. This process will kill any fleas along with their eggs.
Maintain your lawn by mowing it regularly as this will go far in reducing your flea problem. If you have any shrubbery, be sure to keep those trimmed. Doing these things makes it harder for the fleas to get to your dog.
Of course, it is totally up to you what sort of flea treatment you choose for your dog. Just keep in mind that an all-natural remedy is a safer and healthier option for your dog as well as your family. What is most important is that you choose the flea remedy that YOU feel is best for you and your dog.