Pet Meds – Like Advantage Flea Killer – Are Just One Part of a Good Flea Control Program

If you are sick and tired of fleas on your dog or cat and in your home, give yourself an advantage. Flea killer products are a great addition to your flea control regimen (like vacuuming and washing pet bedding). Just make sure you read the product label directions and follow them closely.
Some name brand products, such as Frontline flea control, Advantage Flea Killer and K-9 Advantix (for dog fleas) are commonly used by veterinarians and other pet owners. You may want to talk to your vet about which one is right for you.
Many users prefer Advantage flea killer products because they has fewer active ingredients, and some pet owners find it is better for pets with sensitive skin, a concern that is especially relevant for cats.
Buy in bulk if you want to have an advantage. Flea killer is cheap, costing about -/month if you buy online and buy in bulk. In fact, you probably want to save as much as you can since flea medications need to be applied each and every month during flea season. (Year round if you live in a warm part of the country or are concerned that your pet might have already brought fleas and ticks into the home.
If you think you might already have flea eggs inside your house, be sure to vacuum on a regular basis and wash your pet’s bedding regularly. Here’s an extra trick – put a flea collar inside the vacuum bag so any flea eggs that are sucked up don’t hatch out a little army of fleas that can come marching out of your vacuum cleaner. Also, since flea killers focus mostly on killing adult fleas who bite your dog or cat, you’ll want to keep your pet under continuous treatment so these adults don’t live to feed and reproduce. Flea eggs can live for up to 2 years, so this is the best way to give your pet an advantage and break the flea and tick life cycle inside your house.
Although it may seem bothersome, killing fleas and ticks is important. They can reproduce and affect people as well as other animals in your household, and they carry diseases which can be serious and fatal.
Flea and tick infestations are definitely a problem that is better to nip in the bud. Veterinarian approved flea and tick control products like Advantage flea killer, Frontline and canine Advantix (if you have a dog) are an important part of an overall flea control program.
Emily J. Cressey is a pet lover living in Seattle, WA. She loves catching rays, catching a ballgame, but not catching fleas!
If fleas and ticks have you down, considering buying Advantage flea killer to help your pet, even if he has sensitive skin.